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Homeless people dying left, right and center… Let’s just ignore it!?

The bodies of the homeless are being discovered in abandoned building, car parts and burning tents and it’s all being swept to one side. Just because somebody is homeless it doesn’t mean they aren’t a human being. Where has the compassion gone in this fucked up world?

Rough sleeping is up by 55% since last year. Rough sleepers are apparently 13 times more likely to be a vicitim of violence whilst on the streets and homeless camps are being shut down, their tents slashes, belongings emptied and even being issued anti-social behaviour warnings and fines or otherwise being prosecuted.

As if homeless spikes, water hoses and anti-homeless bollards weren’t enough.

“A London-based campaign, launched this week by a group of homeless charities, has called on the next mayor of the city to do just that. Research commissioned by the campaign suggested that 68% of Londoners are appalled by the scale of homelessness in the capital, with 72% believing the next mayor should do more to improve the situation.”.

And that’s London alone.

And we’ve only just scratched the surface…

PLEASE READ THIS POST BY POLITICS.CO.UK. You’ll be shocked at what you read…


Without a Roof Homeless Documentary


“Without a Roof” is a raw film documenting the daily lives and struggles of homeless living in Canada; it is directed by 17 year old filmmaker, Gordon Sun, leading a team of motivated youth to complete the documentary.

From abused teens to adults struggling with alcohol abuse, the variety of homeless individuals are startling, it is said that in any given year, there are 200 000 Canadians without a home. “Without a Roof” aims to remove the societal stigma and prejudices that the general public may have on the homeless, and in turn, emphasizes the unifying power of the human spirit and equality.

Through 30 minutes of powerful interviews, tearful anecdotes and powerful visuals, “Without a Roof” is a must watch for anyone who has made preconceived judgments about those less fortunate than us.

Documentary Notes

  • Looks at the different reasons why people became homeless, some through a spiritual choice others because of domestic violence at home etc.
  • Most common reason for becoming homeless:
  1. Mental illness
  2. Poverty
  3. Substance addiction (drugs & alcohol)
  • Being forced into crime just to survive. Stealing food etc.
  • Chronic homelessness – homeless for over 3 months
    Transitional homeless – homeless for less than 3 months
  • 200,000 Canadians homeless at any one time.
  • 40% of homeless in Toronto have drug issues.