ZO-loft Wheelly

The Zo-loft Wheelly is Zo-loft architecture and design‘s attempt at developing a portable homeless shelter.

Whilst the Zo-loft is an interesting design concept I think it is lacking severely in terms of practicality. It’s far too big, heavy and expensive to manufacture to realistically think that it would be suitable as a homeless shelter. It seems like the designers were not concerned about the practicality of their design.

Along with many other issues I personally have with the shelter, the shape of it doesn’t make sense to me.

Interesting to look at but negative issues far outweigh any positive points I’m afraid.


  • Durable when in transit
  • Multiple layout options
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Lots of storage space
  • Weather proof whilst in transit


  • Excessively BIG & Heavy
  • Not discrete
  • Awkward to push around
  • No built in roll-mat or protection from the ground
  • Poor ventilation
  • Not waterproof on bottom
  • Awkward design is not space efficient
  • Unstable in wind
  • Heavy
  • Poor visibility
  • Expensive to manufacture

Photo Gallery

Wheelly Configuration and Setup

Promotional Video

Wheelly – shelter in a cart for homeless by ZO_loft

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