How will you stop the homeless from selling the units on for money?

The units will remain the property of Project Bivouac and are loaned to homeless people free of charge. This notice will be printed visibly on the shelters themselves and it will be illegal to buy or sell them.

Inevitably people will try to sell them. There is nothing we can do about this, however, the units will be distributed on a waiting-list system, so if people sell theirs or otherwise claim to have ‘lost it’, they will go on the back of the waiting list. Initially, there will be a limited supply for the crisis shelters, but once there are more units than people sleeping rough on the streets then the ‘value’ of the units will drop significantly and there will be less incentive to sell them.

There is a strong need for homeless shelters, and if you were to receive one then it’s unlikely that you would ever want to get rid of it.