Brighton Streets (Homeless Documentary, UK)

Brighton Streets (Homeless Documentary)

Camera work by Mohammed Goortani, A short documentary I did a few years ago on the homeless scene in Brighton. After losing a large chunk of footage we never really finished it. Coming across the final cut project again years later I edited together what was there and thought it’s worth uploading. We owe it to all the homeless people willing to open up and share their thoughts. All the best to you! I hope life treats you better in the future and you are off the streets by now.

Directed, edited and produced by Jamie Seidl-Curtis

co-production: Carver Bacchus, Martha Mills

Documentary Notes

  • People begging for money for drink
  • People will sleep in clean skips only to have a roof over their head to provide shelter.
  • A number of homeless people have been banned from hostels due to fighting.
  • Members of the public will abuse homeless people. Spitting, kicking and verbal abuse is common.
  • A number of homeless people have died in Brighton from being kicked to death.
  • Homeless people are moved on by police throughout the night.
  • It’s hard to get a job when you’re homeless
  • Homeless people stick together and help eachother out
  • Drugs caused people to become homeless
  • Most homeless people appear to drink alcohol

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