Big City Life – Homeless in New York

Big City Life: Homeless in NY (RT Documentary)

There are around 1,750,000 homeless people in the USA today. According to the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report, nearly 64,000 people, including 22,000 children, are homeless in New York City. Through an artist who paints New York vagrants, RT relays the life stories of people who live on the edge, learns how they came to the streets and how to survive there. We also meet some of the dedicated volunteers who do what they can to help.

Documentary Notes

  • People feel safer on the streets
  • Have to sleep with one eye open in hostels
  • More opportunity to get mugged or raped in hostels
  • People commit crime on purpose in order to go to prison/jail to get shelter and food.
  • Homeless people do not have a fixed address and thus find it hard to claim certain benefits
  • Drastic increase in the number of soup kitchens opening up in New York
  • Easier to earn money on the streets
  • Cramped in hostels
  • Noisy & Unclean conditions in hostels
  • A lot of mental illness on the streets
  • Most people get into drugs and substance abuse issues after they are homeless
  • When you’re living on the streets it’s very hard to “come back” and improve your current living position

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